A less expensive FF?
A chinese forum apparently had a post about Jackie Chan filming a commercial for the Canon EOS 7D. The forum pulled the thread.

Specs that were also pulled:
15mp FF
13 AF Points
Dual Slot

CR's Take
I have doubts a more affordable full frame option would have anything other than the autofocus of the 5D Mark II.

from [NL]

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  1. that might be a good thing! take the original 5D, sensor and all, give it the anti-dust thingy and a new screen, and it could go for $1800.

    that would sell like wildfire, but i’m not sure that canon would want to undercut the 5D2 so early in its life. (it’s one year old this month. maybe when its 18 months old?)

  2. yes, but the different sensor size makes for much of the price difference. 1d and 1ds are the same if not for the sensor size and the mirror box. but in this case we are talking about the same sensor size (and mabye same sesnor with one that got capped pixels) but with better mirror box, better sealing, and better auto focus system. I don’t believe that any camera that is speced that high will be cheaper in price than the 5d even if it had less mega pixels. This would sound more like a 1d mark IV which will have less pixels but better overall performance…

  3. 1Ds & 1D are the not just sensor size differences – the 1D is low rez high fps and the 1Ds is high rez low fps – they can keep that distiction with a FF sensor – I doubt anyone buys a 1D because of the 1.3 crop and would not rather have FF.

  4. I was not talking from spec wise. I was talking from the mechnical part of things. the sensor size & mirror box difference is the thing that seperates the 1ds from the 1d and as a result the difference of their spec.

    now if some one tell me that they are going to produce a 7d with a 16MP and 3fps same body as the 5d mark II then I may believe it.

    But an FF with with almost 1d specs for less than the price of a 5d mark II? I will bit now on $100,000 that this will never happen and is not what comming next.

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