EOS M AF performance stuck in its current form?
We're told Canon may not be able to significantly improve the autofocus performance of the EOS M with firmware. We've receive contrasting stories about this, but an insider at Canon has told me they've been trying, but the limitation is more to do with hardware, than software. Canon did know going in that the autofocus performance was not as good as others in the industry, but didn't think it was a deal breaker.

Next EOS M Body
I was also told that the next EOS M body will have greatly improved autofocus performance, but that the body would cost more than the current $700ish you can get the EOS M for.

New STM EF-M lenses will be launched along with the new body. A new superzoom kit, as well as a higher end telephoto zoom. A fast prime could also be on the way, but may not appear with the others.

The bad press about the autofocus performance is probably the biggest reason the camera isn't selling extremely well, even though Canon thinks it's more to do with the lack of lenses available for the system. I disagree with Canon, I think a lot of people would be quite happy with an EF-M 22mm f/2 kit.

Canon EOS M w/22mm f/2 at B&H Photo for $699 (Save $100)


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