Exascend, Inc., a leader in industrial-grade, enterprise-class and cinematography flash storage solutions launches the world’s first VPG400-certified CFexpress Type B memory card – Exascend Nitro CFexpress. Certified VPG400 by the CompactFlash® Association using its stringent Video Performance Guarantee Profile 4 (VPG400) qualification, Nitro CFexpress delivers incredible sustained video recording performance in even the most demanding cinema camera systems. With 512 GB capacity – over three times the capacity of existing VPG400-rated CFexpress Type A cards – it enables cinematographers to capture long shots without unnecessary interruption. Further fortified with IP67-certified ruggedness, a next-generation-ready CFexpress controller and ultra-thin graphene heat spreaders, Nitro CFexpress is Exascend’s flagship CFexpress series engineered for ultimate performance and reliability.

VPG400-rated performance with extreme read and write speeds

Nitro CFexpress is Exascend’s most powerful cinematography memory card to date and introduces a brand-new flagship product line that focuses on sustained performance and ruggedness. Packing even more performance than Exascend’s popular Essential series, Element series and RED-approved Archon series CFexpress cards, Nitro CFexpress is an industry-defining breakthrough designed to take on the most demanding workloads in cinematography.

Exascend Nitro CFexpress’ sustained performance tops 1,850 MB/s read and 1,700 MB/s write, with VPG400-certified performance to boot. That is enough sustained performance to power the industry’s most powerful cinema camera systems and works seamlessly with leading camera systems such as Canon EOS R3, EOS R5, EOS R5 C, Canon EOS-1D X Mark III and Nikon Z9. Needless to say, you can throw 12K RAW capture intense burst photography at the Nitro CFexpress without ever fearing dropped frames or compromised performance.

Not only is Nitro CFexpress the world’s first VPG400-certified CFexpress Type B card, but it is also the highest-capacity VPG400-rated CFexpress card available on the market – allowing substantially longer consecutive shooting than products from other manufacturers.

IP67-certified ruggedness for shots in tough environments

At Exascend, we work closely with cinematography professionals and camera system manufacturers to engineer products that meet the real demands of modern cinematography professionals. One of the most requested features is ruggedness. Our customers take their gear and cards into the harshest environments for the most incredible shots, and the last thing they need is for their work to be lost due to storage issues.

With that in mind, Exascend worked tirelessly to ensure Nitro CFexpress delivers the ruggedness that creators require. Leveraging conformal coating technology from our mission-critical flash storage solutions, the Exascend Nitro CFexpress is IP67-certified, providing ample protection against the elements with extreme dust and water resistance. Getting soaked in a typhoon, dropping the card in a roaring river or getting stuck in a sandstorm are real challenges for cinematographers to overcome, but they will not challenge the integrity of footage stored on an Exascend Nitro CFexpress.

Combined with shock resistance compliant with MIL-STD-810G, electrostatic discharge (ESD) protection, X-ray proof design and protection against damage from magnetism, the Nitro CFexpress is hardened against any hazard and ready for any shot imaginable.

Next-generation heat dissipation with ultra-thin graphene heat spreaders

Professional camera systems and extreme-performance flash storage generate a lot of heat that must be flushed away to avoid degraded performance caused by thermal throttling. To combat this issue and eliminate the risk of dropped frames, Exascend Nitro CFexpress is equipped with ultra-thin graphene heat spreaders.

Inside the Exascend Nitro’s CFexpress Type B casing, each side of the storage hardware is covered by a graphene heat spreader, allowing heat to quickly radiate away from critical components without affecting storage performance. The introduction of graphene heat spreaders in Nitro CFexpress is Exascend’s latest hardware innovation in its world-class cinematography storage lineup, tackling real cinematography challenges with novel solutions.

The best of Exascend’s powerful hardware and unique storage technologies

Nitro CFexpress further integrates Exascend’s signature hardware and firmware technologies and features that enhance performance and reliability in demanding cinematography applications. They include industrial-grade controllers ready for the next generation of the CFexpress interface, premium NAND flash and an ultra-fast DRAM cache that enables enterprise-class performance. Proprietary technologies that enhance sustained performance, operation in extreme environments and data integrity such as Exascend’s Adaptive Thermal Control™, SuperCruise™, and automatic RAID recovery (RAID ECC) and enterprise-class latency minimization are included as well.

Upgradeable with Exascend’s latest extreme-performance CFexpress reader

Exascend developed a brand-new 20 Gbps CFexpress reader in tandem with Nitro CFexpress to enable blazing-fast offloading of footage that expedites moving from shooting to post-production. The new Exascend CFexpress card reader can offload footage from a full Nitro CFexpress in under five minutes. Moreover, the high-speed CFexpress reader also allows users to upgrade their Nitro CFexpress cards to unlock even higher performance when the next generation of the CFexpress standard launches in the future.

Product information and availability

Exascend’s VPG400-certified and IP67-rated Nitro CFexpress with 512 GB capacity launches at the end of April and will be available through leading retail partners including Amazon, B&H Photo, CVP and through Exascend’s authorized distributors worldwide. Exascend Nitro CFexpress cards with even higher capacity storage configurations are coming soon.

For more information about Exascend Nitro CFexpress, visit: https://exascend.com/nitro-cfexpress-vpg400/

Warranty and factory data recovery

We trust our products to deliver customers with unbeatable cinematography performance for years. That is why Exascend Nitro CFexpress comes with a five-year global warranty that covers any issue with the card and its components. For accidents and damage that render customers’ footage inaccessible, Exascend offers the industry’s best factory data recovery service that can retrieve data from even severely damaged cards.

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