CPN has posted another article about the Canon EOS 5DS with thoughts from a Canon Explorer of Light. This time Fernando Guerra expresses his feelings about the camera and how it does with his architectural photography workflow. I imagine the EOS 5DS will be the choice over the EOS 5DS R for this time of work. There's a much higher chance of moire effects when shooting architecture, and a lot of photographers don't want to add another step to their processing time.

He adds: “I don’t need a camera that weighs four or five kilos and has a lens that looks like a basket. I’m more like a photojournalist than a traditional architectural photographer, who will usually have a view camera with all the movements. That was the way, 15 years ago, but not now. I can have two Canon 5DSs on my shoulders – I always work with two cameras – for less than half the price of a medium format camera. The world’s changed and cameras are smaller, better and faster. I don’t need medium format and I’m not going to look [at using it] again.”

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