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Flashback – June 13, 2008 & 1,000,000

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7D & 3D
This is what I was told back in June, it's interesting that a fair bit of this is still being deemed as solid rumors.

The megapixel numbers are a little bit off, but a lot of people yelled “no way!” in regards to the 20mp rumor on the higher end 3D.

There is lots of discussion about 2 bodies still and the source that provided these specs is on vacation so I can't speak with him at the moment.

I corrected specs in bold beside the original rumors.

Canon EOS 7D (unknown model name)

Resolution: 14mp Full Frame
FPS: 5fps
AF: 9 point
ISO: 100-3200
Memory Card: CF & SD I don't think this will happen
Sealing: Some (40D)
Feature: Live View w/AF
Price: $1999 USD

Canon EOS 3D(unknown model name)

Resolution: 20mp Full Frame(Sounds unbelievable, but true)
FPS: 5fps
AF: 19 point
ISO: 50-6400 Probably will go higher
Memory Card: CF & SD I don't think this will happen
Proc: DIGIC IV (if they use “4”)*UPDATED*
Sealing: Yes, Full.
Feature: Live View w/AF
Price: $2999 USD

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