Canon Eos Ra, the Mirrorless Astrophotography Camera

Nov 5, 2019
Hey everyone,
So this is targeted at the ultra portable market. This is a great camera for folks who do not want to be bothered with a laptop and all of the other necessary steps needed to setup a camera like a ZWO or ASI.

Personally, I hike and do Milky Way landscapes. No computers or large EQ mounts or telescopes. I have gear to do astro in with an ultra portable but very capable camera, tripod, and tracker. While I will not be buying this since I have Nikon kit, I have an astro-modded Z6 which is very similar to this. This is perfect for someone like me who needs to maintain ultra portability and enjoys the ease, functionality, etc of a DSLR/mirrorless over a dedicated astro cam.
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