Canon Market Research Survey


Jan 28, 2015
Irving, Texas
Many times I read in the threads that Canon "never asked me" about their products, and it kind of smacks of people saying, "No political pollster ever called me." The implication being that there isn't any real polling or research going on. I am 100% sure I was randomly chosen, but I just got a very detailed research survey from Canon concerning the R and what I like, don't like, what could be improved, what I use it for, etc. etc. etc. Including fields for me to expand upon my answers.

Like I said, I am sure I am a randomly chosen customer. There is nothing special about me. I just want to confirm that Canon does take the pulse of their customer base.

BTW: I told Canon that everyone I know is switching to Sony. Just kidding! :ROFLMAO:


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Jul 21, 2010
I’ve gotten a few of them over the years. As I often say, Canon knows far more about the ILC market and what buyers want than anyone on this forum. These surveys are just one tool in their market research toolbox.
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Dec 20, 2012
Southeastern USA
I was wondering the other day about how Canon collects info leading to changes and improvements. While no single post here on CR will have any result whatsoever, I believe a preponderance of feedback from youtube reviewers does catch Canon's attention. Interestingly, I do remember reading some of the comments about features, ergonomics, etc for different bodies HERE before seeing them mentioned in reviews. Might just be coincidence, but it does seem that many of the grumblings we read here do eventually get translated into action.

One example recently comes to mine: The MF-n Touch Bar on the EOS R...Did we not see a rumor that Canon wouldn't be using that on future bodies? Of course this is a feature that has been widely maligned--but who complained first? And how many of the online Fro's and Mavens and Dustins, etc, do dip into CR?