EF-S 35 mm 2.8 Macro - Pictures


Dec 25, 2015
A friend of mine has bought a new camera - the 80D and, by luck, he was the first customer to receive the new EF-S 35 mm 2.8 macro-lens of Canon. Here some sample shots, all taken with a 7DII:

grasshopper: cropped (grasshopper is in the middle of the original photo, no chance to take a second shot before the grasshopper hopped away. ;) ). All other images: not cropped, only reduced in size.

picture sc913_2537: F 2.8 1/6400 sec
picture so913_2377: F 2.8 1/5000 sec
picture so913_2391: F 8.0 1/2500 sec
picture so913_2430: F 8.0 1/400 sec

I really like this lens and will possibly buy it. It is sharp, it is very light, reasonable priced and DOF is wider as the DOF of e.g. EF 100 L macro lens. It still offers a nice bokeh at F2.8. At F8.0 the range of DOF is - in my opinion - really nice as you can see it on the picture with the blue flower or the orange bug. The entire flower/bug is sharp at F8.0. The only disadvantage: you have to get close, very close to the object you would like to shoot. Sometimes to the minimum distance of 3 cm (roughly 1 inch...)

and it is sooo light and small...




Jul 29, 2016
Budapest, Hungary
I have to admit that these insect photos are pretty good but they are far away from life-size magnification. Probably for large beetles such as the Stag beetle, Ground beetle or the Great capricorn beetle the lens is okay.