Still worth buying a T7i/77D this summer?

Jul 10, 2019
Been trying to upgrade from my 13-year-old Nikon D40 to a 77d/T7i, but is it worth waiting for a T8i or 90D? I feel like I'd buy something now and the day after a brand spanking new camera comes out and the value of the one I just bought plummets...


Apr 3, 2013
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There will always be something around the corner, but the 90D is rumoured soon so if you can afford the extra $$ for being an early adopter then you could wait, or you could save a few $$ buy buying a great camera now and get out and shoot instead of eagerly awaiting the latest tech. Bear in mind that the launch of a new body doesn’t instantly disable the functionality of the old body.
The $$ you save can be put towards a better lens than the kit lens or a different focal length or a nifty fifty f1.8 for low light?
The general consensus is glass over body every time!

Cheers, Graham.
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Mt Spokane Photography

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Mar 25, 2011
Does your employer have a employee purchase plan? Many large companies do, and you get 10% off new or refurbished Canon cameras and lenses direct from Canon.

Personally, If I were moving from Nikon to Canon, In a case like yours, I'd suggest a Canon RP body with either a used EF lens or, if your budget allows, a new RF lens.

As worldwide sales of cameras continues to drop, so do prices of used equipment. The RP is likely to hold its value better than most. They are being packaged with a EF adapter which allows you to use virtually any Canon EF or even EF-s lens and that includes 3rd party lenses.

You can also get a adapter and use any of your older Nikon lenses, but recent ones with no aperture ring are better off sold and replaced with a EF compatible lens.

This is a case where you might put money into a body first and grow your lenses later.


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Nov 7, 2013
Hi MachoTaco24!
And welcome to canonrumors.

Did you recognize the buyers guide?

The 77D is set on "buy" as no successor seems to be around.
The T7i is on "neutral" because a successor might be coming late 2019/early 2020.
I'd say yes to both.

A newly released cam is always more expensive than one already in the market, as stated above from Valvebounce above.

Depending on your budget and as you plan to switch from Nikon to Canon I'd save a little more on the body and get some decent lenses instead.
The 50/1.8 STM was already mentioned. IMO the lenses are at least if not more important than the body.

The way into EOS R/RP as described by Mt Spokane Photography might be more future-proof but also more expensive.

Whatever you do, enjoy photography.


Aug 29, 2012
I do use the best price / quality ratio available.
A new camera will have slightly better sensor (or not if update), a new processor, better connectivity ...
All that does not make your pictures better, at least most of the time.
So 80D with 18-135 would be a good start, NOW.
And depending on your photo style, an appropriate lens. For example, if you shot animals, the 100mm Macro 2.8 is an awesome lens that I love more and more each time I use it.

Personally I went 6D1 and I love it. In low light, it's just a joy to use. I don't see any advantage to go 6D2 and 5D4 is too bulky for my use.

I don't have a cristal ball so I will not comment on is it better to go R system. I love the way the 6D fit my hand perfectly and I will stick to it.