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    Why I Returned My Canon C70

    I'm a life-long Canon user and love their products. I received my C70 last week. Unfortunately, the lenses outlined in the manual as compatible with the C70 are not correct. When Canon announced the C70, I was aware that only 3 EF lenses were compatible with the C70. I planned to wait until...
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    Petition for Canon to bring BACK interval & frame record to EOS cinema cameras. Please sign & share

    Canon's EOS line of cameras have always included an "Interval" and "frame record" setting. These options have been integral to filmmakers and content creators who use the EOS line of cameras. The removal of these settings makes it harder if not impossible to create time-lapse videos and animated...
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    Help Acquiring Canon BP-A30 Battery - Hawaii

    I'm looking for assistance/recommendations on how to acquire a Canon BP-A30 or BP-A60 battery in Hawaii (Oahu). Since it's a Li-ion battery, you can't send only the battery via air. If I purchase an item that the battery comes with, for example a Canon C-300, then they can send it via air...