1. BigAntTVProductions

    RF 70-200 F2.8 lens "need expert opinions and peace of mind"

    I just got a semi used RF 70-200 2.8 len from guy in jersey city union city nj area today for less then 2300 and I noticed when I got home the lens rattles/wobbles a little nothing severe YET, but is that NORMAL? and like how the R5 shakes when its off and etc are these shakes/rattles/wobbles...
  2. zonefocus

    R5 not showing Exposure Simulation with flash - solution found.

    Hi all just got my godox flash and trigger and quickly playing with it on the R5 I have discovered a little hack the camera setting a little hack required to overcome the issue where the exposure simulation is turned off by the trigger or flash being mounted on the camera. This is useful when...
  3. BigAntTVProductions


    so i got my R5 from B&H thur by 1030am here in nyc/nj area it was in packed up well no signs of damage or being used or etc so today saturday from 4pm too 6pm i was out testing the SERVO AF at bk bridge park here in nyc on street bball camera worked great no problems or etc yet here's the...