eos r6

  1. R

    Eos R6, or wait for the Eos R Mk2

    Hello Everyone, First post on here (although I've had an account for some time apparently). I'm finding myself with a slight dilemma... I currently own a Rebel T4i with a few lenses, and have been looking at an upgrade for around three years. It seems every time Canon release a new camera...
  2. W

    R5/R6: Moving initial AF point with the joystick in face detection mode?

    Is there a way to move the initial AF point with the joystick when using the face-detection? So far I've only been able to do it by dragging on the touch screen, but I would much prefer to use the joystick.
  3. W

    Weird color banding in my R6 photos (both JPEG and RAW)?

    I tried to take some out-of-focus photos yesterday with my new R6 and RF 24-105 mm f/4. When I uploaded the RAWs to my computer via Capture One, I noticed that the darker areas in the corner looked strange. It appears to be some color banding. I tried both Capture One, Lightroom and Photoshop...
  4. AlanF

    Effects of diffraction and R5/R6 sensor on resolution of f/5.6, f/7.1 and f/11 lenses and TCs

    Another of my geek articles, which does have some implications for actual use. What I do here is to calculate the contributions of diffraction and sensor Mpx size (R5 vs R6) to the resolving power of the 400mm f/5.6 and 500mm f/7.1 zooms and the 600mm and 800mm f/11 primes and how resolution is...
  5. PKinDenmark

    Next step in tele - difficult decision - especially now in between EF and RF.

    Need some experienced input to my decision-making regarding my plan to upgrade my tele-lens. Currently I am on a Canon 6D Mk II and a Tamron 150-600mm 1.G. Mostly used for wildlife - e.g. birds of prey in flight and Kingfishers. I am looking for faster, sharper, better focusing - I often find...
  6. F

    Dear Canon... R5 and R6 Firmware Upgrade and Feature Requests

    Greetings CanonRumors members and Canon enthusiasts, After the exciting announcement of the R5 and R6 last week, we learned a lot about the new features that will be available in these cameras. Canon has indicated that they are listening to user feedback, and will hopefully be making firmware...
  7. T

    Would anyone know if the R6 will come with the C-log. R6 Vs R, which one would be better for Vlog, using RF 15-35mm Lens

    EOS R6 Vs EOS R, which one would be better for Vlog, using RF 15-35mm Lens. Can anybody share any opinion?