rf mount

  1. Ericsmith

    R5 + RF lenses mount issues?

    Hi everyone, I just noticed this now after getting my second RF lens (R5 and 15-35mm RF, 85mm f2 RF), but the camera mount and lens mount don't appear to be evenly parallel or flush when looking at the camera from the top down. Does anyone have this with their RF mounts as well? I only...
  2. Trankilstef

    Sigma and Tamron RF mount announcement?

    Hi folks ! I just saw those two infos on another rumor site about Sigma and Tamron press conferences for the CP+ show in late february : https://www.sonyalpharumors.com/at-the-cp-show-tamron-will-finally-announce-pricing-and-market-release-of-the-70-180mm-f-2-8-fe-lens/...