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Aug 16, 2012
Hobby still has a vertical stripes. All Falcons are with sharp, relatively narrow wings.
The bird on the photo has broad wings. And eyes - they look like the eyes of the hawks. It's somewhat easy to make mistake here because of the position of the tail - at that angle it looks short, not as in the hawks. I would bet for young Sparrow Hawk but the neck is relatively long (as in the Goshawk).
Thanks Isv, you know your birds. It does indeed look like a Sparrowhawk.
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Dec 8, 2014
Here are some Northern Harriers taken in early December in Ladner, BC. For informational purposes, the size (inches) is included in the file name (cropped from native 22.4"X14.9"). Focus not always in the right spot or slightly off, but I feel better having stopped pixel peeping.

054A2086 8X12.jpg
054A2158 8X12.jpg
054A2258 8X12.jpg
054A2285 8X12.jpg
054A2678 12X18.jpg
054A2749 12X18.jpg


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Dec 8, 2014
Here is one more Northern Harrier from June 2020. I recall I wasn't looking in the right direction when this one caught my eye, so it was a quick spin and shoot, hence the lack of sharpness and too high in the uncropped frame, but I think this is the only one I've ever got reasonably close with prey.

054A9593 12X18.jpg


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Apr 1, 2020
Still no raptors or any such interesting birds...but here's a few more from the first outings with the 100-500 a few days ago. These are with the 1.4x TC and still cropped in a bit.

R5_100_4192 1.jpg

R5_100_4279 1.jpg

And these are with the bare lens on a cloudy day. I've got more of the goose - I can't find it now, but there was mention of software used for animated gifs a week or two ago...anyone recall what that was? I'd like to give it a try.

R5_100_4807 1.jpg
R5_100_4808 1.jpg
R5_100_4809 1.jpg


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Aug 26, 2014
We've had starling murmurations in our area for the last week. Also, there have been a couple of peregrines circling the groups trying to grab a bird so it's really been quite a show. Taken with the R5 and 100-400 II
Peregrine and Starling Murmuration.jpg
Starling Murmuration1.jpg
Fighting Snakes--Starling Murmuration.jpg