Canon EOS R5, EOS R6, EOS-1D X Mark III, RF 70-200 f/2.8L IS & RF 100-500 f/4.5-5.6L IS firmware released

Wow, I wonder how we ever got our exposures right when using film. Nothing note worthy here to help others, just a lot of useless info.
would a, should a, could a, stuff. :)

I clearly remember me getting my first DLSR back in 2003 or 2004 and the wise guys was literally laughing that I got a DSLR. "Digital photography will never make it" "DSLR will never ever surpass analog shooting" "The digital photography will never be more than a brief trend" and so on.
I remember one comment in particular, "You will need at leas a 35MP sensor to remotely achieve any similarities with a 35mm film, and that is never going to happen, or at least not in the coming 100 years"

The wise guys are not that wise i assume. :D
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Feb 6, 2019
Maryland, USA
"It’s an option to use the LCD the same style as on a DSLR. So by default the screen and EVF are off. When moving your eye to the EVF it will turn on the EVF and the screen stays off. It sort of simulates DSLR usage. But when pressing the review button or menu button and you do not use the EVF it wil show that on the rear screen, just like when using a DSLR.

In previous version you only had the option to completely turn off the back screen and then the EVF was always on and menu and review of photo’s was also handled by the EVF. Or the backscreen was always on with a liveview or your settings screen and went only off when using the EVF.

This new option is much nicer to use and probably will also save some battery because EVF and screen are off more often."

It would be nice if Canon were to bring this feature to the RP, R, and R6 in future firmware releases. Though, I'm not sure how much development they are willing to put into RP and R firmware moving forward.
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There are only a handful of vendors who actually make the flash memory chips that all of the card manufacturers buy from. It's very feasible that there are some SanDisk and some Sony Tough CF Express cards that contain chips from the same batch of the same chip maker, while other examples of SanDisk and Sony Tough CF Express cards do not contain chips from the batch that is involved in the issue. The numbers printed on the side of your memory card that tells you *exactly* which batch it is a part of are just as important as the brand label on it when trying to determine if a card is among a batch of "problem" cards.
I still haven’t upgraded to firmware 1.3 on my R5 (still on 1.2). But since your post I have stopped using my 512gb Sandisk CF Express Card and reverted to a Sandisk 128gb UHS-I card. So far nearly 3000 frames taken over 3 photo shoots and no lockups yet. If it makes it to 5000+ frames without a lockup with the SD card I will strongly suspect the CF Express card was causing the problem. With the CF Express I was getting a lockup roughly once every 2000 frames. So let’s see what happens... I’ll give it a few more weeks and then upgrade to 1.3 to test out the CF express card again. Fingers crossed
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