Canon Introduces Free Firmware Upgrades for Three 4K Professional Display Models

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Jul 20, 2010
<p><em>New Firmware Delivers Enhanced Digital Cinema Camera Connectivity and Improved Shooting-Assist Functions for HDR Video</em></p>
<p><strong>MELVILLE, N.Y., April 20, 2017</strong> – Demonstrating Canon’s continued commitment to supporting the digital cinema and television broadcasting industries, Canon U.S.A. Inc., a leader in digital imaging solutions, today announced that its parent company, Canon Inc. and Canon Marketing Japan Inc., will make available free firmware upgrades for three of its professional 4K displays—the DP-V1710, DP-V2410 and DP-V2420 in June 2017.</p>
<p>New features include:</p>
<li><strong>Enhanced connectivity with Canon digital cinema cameras</strong></li>
<p>The new firmware updates permit 4K RAW video captured using the EOS C700 or the EOS C700 GS PL (scheduled to be released July 2017) to be viewed directly on the display using only a 3G-SDI cable, without the need for an external transitional device. The firmware also makes possible the acquisition of all image data from video captured using the EOS C700, EOS C700 GS PL as well as the EOS C300 Mark II, enabling the display of image setting values from the connected camera and metadata.</p>
<p>Furthermore, these updates enable the display of the cinema aspect ratio 2.39:1 for specialized shooting using a digital cinema camera equipped with an anamorphic lens. The addition of these new features delivers enhanced user convenience when confirming images during shooting.</p>
<li><strong>Improved connectivity with ARRI<sup>®</sup> digital cinema cameras</strong></li>
<p>Thanks to these new firmware updates, users can simply connect an ARRI digital cinema camera to the DP-V1710, DP-V2410 or DP-V2420 4K Professional Display Models and view LOG C video in HDR. It is also no longer necessary to add an LUT to confirm video, for improved ease of use.</p>
<li><strong>Expanded shooting-assist functions for HDR video</strong></li>
<p>The new updates make possible the display of 4K video in both HDR and SDR (Standard Dynamic Range) simultaneously, using a vertical split-screen mode. What’s more, the updates make possible the downscaling and parallel display of 4K video as two separate images, enabling side-by-side comparisons of HDR and SDR images or HDR images and images with HDR shooting-assist functions applied.</p>
<p>Additionally, colors can now be overlaid on HDR video, with the color depending on the actual luminance of the video area, allowing for the visual confirmation of luminance distribution.</p>
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I post too Much on Here!!
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Jul 21, 2010
Interesting how they felt the need to highlight that these firmware updates are free…


Jun 6, 2016
neuroanatomist said:
Interesting how they felt the need to highlight that these firmware updates are free…


These displays are EXPENSIVE at $30,000 US for the DP-V2420 4K
because they are true REFERENCE MASTER DISPLAYS .... I've seen
this one PERSONALLY and it has STUNNING QUALITY...we use to
have a Sony BVM series reference CRT monitor and it was already
in the $20,000+ range but again you get what you pay for!
Both are still fantastic displays with truly accurate colours!

After seeing 4K footage from high bandwidth C700 camera footage,
it just shows how good video can be like looking through a window
at reality! I would heartily recommend these displays to ANYONE!

They ARE that good!


Dec 11, 2015
HarryFilm said:
These displays are EXPENSIVE at $30,000 US for the DP-V2420 4K
I would heartily recommend these displays to ANYONE!

Sounds good. Just need to get $30k somewhere... :)

Mt Spokane Photography

I post too Much on Here!!
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Mar 25, 2011
I'm so glad I don't sink time or money video any longer, any video I do is just minor.

I long ago learned that I could sink a ton of money into gear and find the gear obsoleted in a few years.
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