Canon registers new Cinema EOS camera in Indonesia


CR Pro
Dec 16, 2011
You may recall - with frustration - that 2014 was tipped by Canon to be the "year of the lens." That was a thrill-a-minute too, especially the first 5 months, where there wasn't a single lens released. They did manage 6 before the year was out, but only three were EF full frame lenses.

If we follow that pattern, we'll see slightly more than the average number of bodies released in the second half (2?).
And in that year(and in April which is 4 months into the year), they released a monster: the 17-120 Cine Servo. Ridiculously popular and useful.
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A Kommodo type camera with an RF mount would be great.

Id love to have a version of it with IBIS but I know that doesnt float with a lot of the high end productions so it probably wont happen. I want something with proper high DR thats full frame, RF mount and has good codex. High framerate options would also be very very nice.

Basically something I can put on a drone.
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