Did A Quick Family Portrait for Some Friends... Help Me Choose?


EOS M6 Mark II
Mar 6, 2012
New Jersey, USA
So, some friends of mine asked me to do a farm themed family portrait for them. Everyone was very busy, and the only time everyone was available at the same time was 1 in the afternoon today. Ugh. They wanted a certain background, which resulted in the sun being partially in front of them. It was hard getting everyone to try not to squint. I used on camera speedlight to try and lessen the shadows on their faces. This was very quick and I didn't have too much time to make adjustments to camera and flash settings. I'm not 100% happy with any of them, but I need to pick one to edit, and have it printed for a 24"x20" frame. I like #10 the best, but the 4th person in is moving their hand and it is slightly blurred :mad:.



EOS 5D Mark IV
Nov 23, 2011
Lala land
Ouch...what a bad time of the day.

Hmmm...if you can take some time and are handy with photoshop, I imagine it wouldn't be too hard to clone the girls hand/leg area with the one from #9.

I actually like #13 (I'm guessing you're referring to the last photos with X / 13 in the lower right) best. Everyone smiling and looking at the camera, the colors are good, not too much squinting and it's not too dark and the sun is giving good light on the trees.