DJI’s Ronin Series Grows Stronger, Lighter, and Smarter with New DJI RS 2 and RSC 2 Gimbals


CR Pro
Dec 16, 2011
So, I ordered the new RS 2 within 30 minutes to an hour of seeing it last Wednesday. Forked out the extra $15 for delivery last Friday instead of tomorrow(because I head out of town at Oh God thirty for a shoot for several days). B&H dropped that ball, as they have been doing a lot lately, and didn’t ship it until Friday when I was supposed to receive it. So that pushed the delivery date to Monday. But then it was FedEx’s turn to drop the ball. After not receiving it by late afternoon, I tracked it and they had delivered it to the wrong address. So, I finally received it today. And I got to play around with it for about 10 minutes before I broke the damn USB port on my 5DIV(That I’ve had since launch day in ‘16 with out any problems). Somebody REALLY does not want me to have this thing.

But from the little bit I have messed with it, it feels nicer and more balanced in the hand plus it is much lighter(over 1 lb less). The locks are also a MUCH needed and appreciated upgrade/addition. You can balance the payload a lot quicker. I wish they would have put knobs to adjust the balance on all the axes, but the single one on the camera plate to adjust the tilt still helps a lot. As does the quick release of the camera from the balance plate. That’s going to come in VERY handy. The one bad thing I do have to say, considering the limited time I’ve had with it so far, the documentation/instructions for the RavenEye is pretty much non-existent. Even the printed booklet for The RavenEye that comes with it, doesn’t tell you anything.

I’m not really going to get to use it until I get back this weekend and then not to it’s fullest until after I get my 5DIV repaired. Even with my CPS discount, it’s going to be in at least the mid-$300’s or higher, for the repair(Estimate was well into the $400’s not counting the CPS discount). Definitely wasn’t planning on that one...
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