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Mar 30, 2016
Up here in Canada, part of the country is having flood, rain, and snow problems, but another part of the country has been having fire problems, but nowhere near as bad as yours. I’d pick snow and floods over fires any day of the year.

We Canadians were grateful for the Aussies that came up here to fight the Fort McMurray fires, and we have sent a few crews down to your fires. Our hearts feel for you.
Thanks Don, we are grateful here too for the assistance. Many of us also wish our government had taken the advice given by fire chiefs some time ago to lease your Canadian fire-fighting aircraft during your off-season. But like much of the fire chiefs' advice, it was ignored.

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Nov 30, 2010
This is not a political forum, and its getting out of hand. Stop the arguments about fires and global warming. I have my opinions as well, but since its not photography related, I post elsewhere.

I've removed as many of the offending posts as I can find. I don't want to resort to bans, but my experience, its going to be necessary.


Jun 9, 2017
Jared Powlinnnn Froknoowsphotooooooooooowdotcom and THIS is he new Australian Fire Relief Charity Fundraiser Shirt.

Dudes and Girls, we have to be honest with ourselves. Earth is changing it‘s climate and we are part of the problem. But we must be part of the solution aka stopping the problem, too.

If the solution would be to consume more and to waste more plastic and ressources, I guess everbody would be in... but it‘s the opposite. We have to make a change to our lifestyle, each and everyone on his/her own. And that is not easy and it means making compromises and has real effects in our everyday life. Less car, more bike. Less meat, more vegetables. Less „buy new“, more repairing old stuff and using old stuff for a longer period of time... Less power consumption - turn off what you don‘t use right now etc...
Basic stuff but especially when it comes to food people tend to take it personally.

We here in Germany have the hottest January since recording began, 4 degrees Celsius above the longterm mean... just another spike you might say, I am starting to get uneasy when I think about that.

I am a physicist, no mad man. Just take a look around (we can „look around“ worldwide nowadays). Put that bit of media insanity aside and judge for yourself... and ask your local politicians to do the same and to start acting for a more sustainable society tomorrow.
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