I don't bird, but if I wanted to...

Don Haines

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Jun 4, 2012
I actually have a Nikon, but for some reason just prefer the Canon ergonomics and colors. I'm going to sell the Nikon and buy a 200-400 lens. I think it will go nicely with my 7DMII. I tend to take more wildlife shots (bears, ungulates, etc.) than birds because of where I live. My river is more for rafting and flyfishing. Not too many water birds in this part of the country unless they're migrating through. You sound like you live in birder heaven.
I am surrounded by farmland, and they harvest the corn at the start of migration. This means spilled seeds in the fields, and that becomes thousands of geese feeding on it. I back onto a sheltered bay, which in the fall becomes waterfowl heaven until freeze-up, when they head south. This was my view from the deck, until two weeks ago when it froze over.


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Apr 20, 2017
I have to go to places like Bosque del Apache to see birds like that. What a treasure you have there!


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Oct 25, 2012
I don't get the itch like that unless I'm hiking or on vacation in a really picturesque place.

Birding -- the realities of the size/cost of the glass, waiting, the constantly being out in the wild, dealing with mosquitoes, etc. are simply not my jam. When I'm outdoors we're constantly moving/hiking/exploring.

And the high I got for finally capturing a bald eagle in the wild last year wasn't that much of a high. Landscapes, candids, travel, etc. get me going much much more.

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That is the way I used to think. These days 90% of my photography is with my 800 F5.6 L IS + all the expensive clutter to get the most out of it! Bird photography is a slippery slope and I slipped, you might too - BEWARE!!!!!!!!!!!!:devilish:
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