Industry News: DJI Mavic Air 2 drone specs leak ahead of the official announcement


CR Pro
Dec 16, 2011
Main issue: drones bring new, *additional nuisance, riska and dangers* on top of the many already existing nuisances and dangers. Why should I - and overwhelming majority of non drone-operators - put up with that? No upside for us, but lots of downsides. So, ban.

This is what I’m talking about and this is one of the big problems with society today. This attitude that it’s all about “me”. “I“ don’t like something so it shouldn’t be allowed. “I” don’t like this, so you can’t have it, either. This offended me, so “I’m” gonna go on social media and scream at the top of my lungs for everyone to mad and offended too.
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CR Pro
Apr 12, 2016
On the drone: I think the biggest issue with the Mavic Air (that I have) is the limited range. It is supposed to be approximately 2km, but after 700 meters maximum the signal is already too weak. If this new Air 2 has a real extended range (I don't trust the declared 6 km, but 2/3 would be great) then I'll upgrade.

On drones regulation: here in Europe the situation is even more limited. It is very difficult to find places where to fly.

I have the Air 2. I was able to fly almost 2 miles (almost 3km) without problem. I was then at about half signal and was losing sight of it, so I turned it around. With more testing I think I can get further.
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