Is Sony going to beat Canon to the ‘Pro’ mirrorless camera punch?

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Jul 20, 2010
A new report from our friend at Photo Rumors has Sony bringing a “pro” mirrorless body in the first quarter of 2021. This would be a huge deal for Canon shooters waiting for an EOS R1, a camera I do think HAS to come from Canon in 2021.
The ‘pro’ designation on a camera body means it has an integrated grip to house a much bigger battery. It also gives more space inside the camera to add higher end cooling solutions and ergonomics.
Rumored Sony Pro Body Specifications:

 Bigger and truly pro body
 9.44M dots EVF
 Newly developed sensor
 8K video recording with no overheating
 Dual card slots
 New menu systems from A7S3
IBIS with Steady shot active mode
Everything about this camera is new
Price $5.999

It was also reported that there are some of these pro Sony bodies out in the wild. Sadly, I haven’t heard anything specific about the Canon EOS R1.

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Stig Nygaard

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Jul 10, 2013
If true, I don't see this as an competitor to the kind of camera an R1 is expected to be (ie, a mirrorless 1DX or Nikon D6 equalent).
An 8K camera has to be 39+ megapixels, and customers of 1DX and D6 are *asking* Canon or Nikon to keep it at 20 megapixels.
Also I don't see a typical 1DX user bother even a bit about 8K. It's practical to be able to take some videoclips, but 8K doesn't matter.
Is there are market for something like rumored Sony camera? Maybe, but I don't think it will be very similar to the "inevitable " R1 - whenever it arrives.
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Nov 15, 2011
what does "beat" mean? in technology? maybe. There is still a difference in usability and ux. you can have a long long discussion about tech specs which just change nothing. its loke discussing for example apple and pc.
I read 'beat' as referring to release timing. Sony's will come first.

I have a hard time with that price point. I don't think it would be that low with those features.

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Apr 1, 2016
Personally I don't think that any mirrorless can be "PRO" for one main feature of PRO is that you can see the real iamge in the OVF. Any EVF won't give the same "feel" or "speed" of "PRO" camera.

define ‘pro’. My two R5’s are hard at work these days now earning back their investment
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Jan 29, 2011
I'd argue the 'pro' definition as there were plenty of pro bodies that didn't have integrated grips and with better battery technology I honestly feel they are not 100% required now we are into the umpteenth generation of digital. But I get the point and if you are starting a discussion it makes sense to have a baseline.

However I think it is hard to argue that Sony haven't already played their interpretation of the 'pro' card in the A9 and the owners I know like the option of big or small just as I did with the 1V/1VHS. I'd happily take an R1 without a grip as a 'pro' body if the optional grip gave me all the additional functionality.
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