I've got into a bit of a rut - Help!


If only I knew what I was doing.....
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Sep 8, 2012
+1 on the club idea. We meet a couple of times a month and discuss technique or composition or PP. Just hanging out with other "crazy" folks of various skill levels is one way to get your internal shutter clicking again.

Another +1 on taking your camera with one lens for a walk. Or pick a silly theme like "doorknobs" or "objects in which I see the letter Q" or "trees that look like people" and see what you begin to see. I guarantee you'll capture quite a few boring images but also a handful that will be really superb.

Don't pressure yourself. This is supposed to be fun (well not always if someone is a pro and must produce images). One of my personal issues is that I am too hard on myself when I review images. Pick any photo that is "pretty good but I could do better" and show it to a friend or family member. Almost always, they see the image as something special on not something in which your leading lines are not working.


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Jan 28, 2015
Irving, Texas
jdebever said:
For me joining a photoclub helped.
For startes you could join us at photo.net Canon eos forum, and participate in the Thursday picture.
It forces me to post a photo every week.


Yes! I just joined the North Texas Photography Club and have enjoyed it. Helps me get out. Very therapeutic. I generally try to avoid people, especially other men. It is a challenge, but one I am trying.