Kipon first to announce third-party native RF mount lenses for the EOS R system


1N 3 1V 1Ds I II III R R5
Dec 9, 2018
I was looking at those a couple years ago. The big Japanese chain Bic Camera had them for order, but no return, and they had no demo units in the stores. So you had to take a gamble. That said, I wanted some kind of "street photography" and "always-in-the-backpack" ability for the R5. Once the 50/1.8 and 16/2.8 came out, that was my outfit and I haven't looked back. I also have Leica M 35/1.4ASPH, 75/1.4 etc but I can't just leave those in the backpack. Too fragile, in my experience, and too valuable.
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pls share some samples, especially curious what the bokeh is like
Will do! I agree the RF 16mm and 50mm are great for street snaps, and light and compact too.
I got my Kipon's from Map Camera. 24mm was mint used for 29800yen, and 75mm new for 27800yen. Very good deals on both. Seems it was their last one(s) in stock, as the 75mm is now listed as sold out. Probably selling their last items. The weak Japanese yen has made it hard for importers, and with the latest exchange rates it is probably hard to sell a MF lens for 70000-100000yen in Japan. The build quality is very good, will post samples soon.
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