Macbook pro retina advice


EOS M6 Mark II
I've been using my new retina MacBook Pro for a week now, and I can tell you that it is a fantastic machine. I do a lot of video work and photo work, and it's absolutely stunning for both (FCPX and Aperture).

Don't believe the negative stories about its graphics card not being able to drive the screen resolution. There are only a few situations where you'll see that effect, and the computer does not, in any way, feel slow or "stuttery."

I'm coming from a 17" MacBook Pro. The retina's screen is much more clear, but as others have said, it's a smaller workspace (understandably). Is that bad? No. Do I miss the extra room from my 17"? Sure. What I miss more is the battery of the 17". The retina's battery lasts several hours when really pushing it, which is nice. But it does drain faster than my 17".

Anyway, it's a great computer. The screen, the lightness of the machine, the speed, the built-in HDMI port... I just really like it for what I do. Using Safari, most websites look just fine. Yes, images are usually not retina resolution, but some are. Text in Safari is great. Text in Pages... not great. Word processing in Pages is pretty ugly actually. But they'll catch up and update it. Photoshop isn't ideal, but it's not horrible either. Aperture and FCPX are beautiful.

Like I always tell people (and the same is true for cameras): if you need one now, get one now. If you want to wait, wait. But once you commit, commit. Don't feel bad two weeks later when they come out with something faster. Just get a machine that does what you need to do. And then do it.