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Dec 3, 2017
Females are slightly bigger than the males and reach up to 2.5 meters in length and about 250 kg in weight.
So, they are significantly bigger than the Harbor Seal!

Wow! Would love to see something like this.

We have seals all around the Island and can get very close to them, but we don't get anything like Sea Lions or similar up here. These are awesome - thanks!
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Apr 30, 2017
Nice shots of this cute and shy animals!
Good luck to see them in daylight, probably nocturnal animals.
Actually they are active day and night. They have to eat nearly nonstop with that hyperactive metabolism (what I know is that they can survive only few hours without food). Last year in Europe my daughter was very lucky to make a video of presumably Southern water shrew (at ~1800-1900m above the see level) feeding on peace of apple dropped from a tourist. In the middle of the day! Unfortunately she had only her cellphone in hand...
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Following the repast: An owl or hawk was having lunch on our lawn and forgot to clean up after itself. Probably an owl since we have a a pair of GHO's which occasionally live in our spruce trees. Hard to say, though, since we also have a hawk which sometimes roosts in our back yard. Haven't found any owl pellets lately, so maybe the culprit was the hawk._36A2541_DxO.jpg_36A2525_DxO.jpg
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