need help deciding:To canon or not to canon


one eye; one shot - multiple misses
Oct 4, 2011
the AW1 look to be a nice camera...but widest zoom setting is 30mm equivalent
ITOH the P7800 was also some nice specs, but I have to say that Nikon's website sucks...sorry - slow image reloading and painfull navigation

The G15 looks very good still, but the TG850 makes a lot of sense ....however I keep going back to the latest higher end models.
The reality is, I am going to have to compromise somewhere....

I have no interest in legacy glass, as other than a ef300mm 2.8L is, I am pretty much set
A single lens has to do it: from wide angle (24mm minimum) to mid range 70-100mm
The Sony alpha 7s are beautifull and loaded, but too close to a dslr, and a bit of an expensive rig to let me be worry-free while hiking/camping
the current ef adapters either bump the price too much, or don't allow AF
- not ready for a compact with prime unless is 24mm and/or have a easy panorama mode (sweep style)


Jul 14, 2012
JohnDizzo15 said:
sdsr said:
The Fuji looks nice, but I hope the image quality is notably superior to the X-E1's. It could be that the copy I bought was defective, but I don't think it ever created a really sharp image, regardless of light, if the subject was more than a few yards away, and while it's true that even their RAW files have low noise, it's pretty obvious that they achieve that by applying heavy noise reduction that you can't avoid; you can even see this via dpreview's comparison tools.

The noise reduction (only in JPEG) can be somewhat modified by turning NR to -2 and increasing sharpness. As far as RAF files go, the files coming from the X Trans II are awesome for APSC.

I firmly believe that some of the issues people have with these files are from not processing them through the proper software. LR 5.3 now does a much better job than previous iterations with X Trans files albeit still not as good as photo ninja and a couple others IMO.

I processed mine with the latest versions of LR and photoninja. Maybe I was doing something wrong, and maybe the Fuji files need rather different technique, but I didn't like the results in either, for various reasons (among other things, horrible colors in many outdoor images in photoninja that were hard to correct, and break-up when adding moderate amounts of sharpening in LR) that have never been an issue for me with m43 (Olympus), APS-C (Nikon, Pentax, Canon) or FF (Canon, Nikon, Sony). I was very impressed, though, with the accuracy of its automatic white balance in difficult interior lighting (probably the best of any camera I've used).


one eye; one shot - multiple misses
Oct 4, 2011
rs said:
On the surface, those requirements read like the spec sheet of the G1X mk II. Are you sure that's not number one on your list, and this is just a last ditch attempt to see if anyone can talk you out of it? ;)

I'd say go for it!

you were right.....after all.
Maybe it does not make sense buying it in pre-order, aka not waiting for price drop, but life is too short, and the clock is ticking...down.
So, yes, I pre-order the G1X mk2 at B&H.
Nothing else did made sense and come or close to what want/need within minimum compromises
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