Next up for Canon? The Cinema EOS lineup ahead of NAB 2023

If Canon ever gets around to announcing the C200 MKII and C700 MKII it will be very interesting to see what happens to the C70 and C300 MKIII pricing..... I wonder why they didn't even "tease" some info about the upcoming cameras at NAB. Unless they want to make a big splash on their own and not announce when everyone typically does. Its been awfully quiet on this site too regarding Cinema rumors.....
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Hey @Canon Rumors Guy, do we know what happened to this? NAB came and went with no announcement and looks a lot like what happened 2021 when this camera was first rumored. I've been holding out for the C200 MKII since Dec 2020, but I'm about to just go and get a C70 since it's looking less and less likely this camera is going to become a reality. I just don't want to encounter a situation where I go and buy a C70 just to have the MKII come out a month later. Red's new announcement got me wondering if we would ever hear anything new from Canon.
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