Patent: Canon shows off some information about the eye-controlled AF point selection

I'm pretty sure the servo-mode continuous tracking will be fairly polished at the time of release. But I'm hopeful eye-control focus is applicable to more than just AF-enabled lenses. I could really see a lot of usefulness in being able to quickly select a focus point with your eye on a manual lens and then punch in with magnification for a focus check. It would certainly be a lot faster than than a joystick.
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Jul 20, 2010
Springfield, IL
Well, that was my question. Is it still a rumor or is there any information about it?
You are asking the wrong people. No one on this forum has access to information, so the only response you will get is just opinion.
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Jul 26, 2020
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Actually the latest eye-control was in the EOS 30 around 2000 (20y ago!) and it already worked pretty well even then (my own experience). Why they haven't continued with it is beyond me.
The eos 30v came out in 2003 and I have one and I found the eye controlled focus works quite well if you use a large eyecup like my Hoodman one which keeps your eye in a fairly fixed position relative to the viewfinder
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