Patent: Optical formulas for Canon RF macro lenses


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Sep 2, 2018
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Not sure who I could contact though, or if they'd listen to an amateur.
A week or so ago I sent a customer request to Canon ( to make a suggestion on RF lenses and camera features (like aperture bracketing) that I'd like to see them add in the future. To me surprise, I got a very nice response from Tim at Camera Support <[email protected]> thanking me, with a few nice personally written paragraphs, and saying that my suggestion would be passed on. I responded with a few more suggestions, getting a nice response from Jacob. I have no idea if it will make any difference, but I will say that they were amazingly responsive and friendly and I think others interested in Canon might find that good to hear.

If they see your work, and history with the MP-E 65, the people that matter in Japan might take you very seriously and you might just make a difference. If they decide to design a new version of a RF MP-E 65 with AZ (user controlled auto-zoom, which also does the auto-focus when zooming) then the whole macro community can celebrate!
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I take it that you're the developer of the Optical Bench? If so, hat's off to you! It's a remarkable piece of work. I spent a lot of time reading your tutorial of how the optics work relating to what you've done. Now I feel that I'm very much better informed on how lenses work, so that when I make camera & lens suggestions to others on what I think should be done I might be a little bit more wiser and a whole lot less clueless.

Thanks, again!
Yes, PhotonsToPhotos is my site. Best known for my sensor measurements but I think the Optical Bench and patent data are under-appreciated.

Thanks for the positive feedback. You seem to be getting just what I hoped out of that material I have prepared.

Feel free to email (contact is at the bottom of the main page) if you have additional feedback or requests.
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joseph ferraro

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Apr 16, 2020
Can I hope and hope that there might just be an updated RF 65mm lens like the MPE-65. From my handheld macro perspective IS isn't much of an issue or want, since at +1x or more I feel that it wouldn't have much effect. Anyone on here use the MPE-65 on a EOSr body?
replying to myself for others. Using the mpe-65 on the r5 and absolutely love it.