Picture « jump » in EVF/LV and optical


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Oct 29, 2019
i create this thread because i have a problem.
i have a Canon R and a Canon 400 DO II.
The image jump randomly in the EVF and in Liveview mode so i send my lens to Canon because i tought it was the Stabilizer.
Canon send me another 400 DO II for the time of the repair but i have exactly the same problem with this one too!! It can’t be the lens or the 2 lens are broken.
I also had this problem with my previous 5DIV and with a 6D too.

we can listen a « clac » on my video each time the image jump.
i made a video this morning.

https://we.tl/t-0bA3qpFDAQ (EOS R)

i have this problem with my 6D too.

https://we.tl/t-wcgwdIfa2V (6D)

Canon tell me that they found a problem and they are gonna contact Canon Europe to have more informations..

Do you guys have listen about this problem ? I think this is only with the 400 DO II and there is not much ppl with it..

thanks for your feedback