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5% of gear used 95% of the time
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Well done! Really love that second one. Bet it would look great printed really large!
Many thanks Henry. It does print beautifully, I've printed it 1m long. I've only got a couple of my own pictures mounted but this one might make it to a wall. To me, pictures have to be printed. It surprises me here on CR how many very keen and passionate photographers don't ever print their images.
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5% of gear used 95% of the time
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Here's a shot of the iconic landfall Pikes in the English Lake Rain District, taken on 5DS and Tamron 45/1.8. I was looking to recreate a shot that was made by Francis Frith, an English photographer from the mid to late 1800s. It's rather reassuring to see that at least here not much has changed, but notice how over the 140 years or so the earth has been built up behind the wall, most probably to stop it from being swept away and the field flooded when the river is in spate. There is a little bridge over the river Brathay and I guess that there was one there then, because I think he must have set his camera and tripod up on the bridge.

I'm fascinated by how his very large format camera - it was probably 11 to 14" across, has given a wide angle view of the foreground yet compressed the background.


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Jan 5, 2013
I probably have posted this in a different forum but it's the first time here. Detroit skyline from across the Detroit river in Windsor, Ontario. The approx distance is about 2800 feet (850 Meters). Stitched from 19 photos from a 5DsR with a 150 mm Sigma macro at F6.7. I actually had to downsize it to print it 24x72 inches at 300 dpi. I have also shown two 100% crops.



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