Replacement: Eos R or 5D Mark IV again?


Aug 19, 2012
Tyrol, Austria
Hi Guys!
Thanks for all replies!!!! (y)
To get some feeling, I joined an Canon workshop and shot two days with an Eos R. Quite different usage to my RIPped 5D Mark IV.
In direct comparison to the 5D Mark IV, the AF of the R is faster, but it was harder to follow the birds. And the Eos R´s AF worked better with directly approaching birds and fast moving animals.
But the OVF was still more eye-friendly than the EVF. In changing light situations (sky vs. trees and ground), the EVF strained a lot more my eyes.
And I realized, that there are noticeable variations between the Eos R´s that were on the workshop to use. The body is just €2000, so no pro-body.

So actually, I bought an refurbished 5D Mark IV for just 1/3rd of the normal costs.
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Feb 12, 2014
Frankfurt, Germany
For birding, I would get a 7D mk 2 and wait for the "1DX mk 3"
Sorry for the late reply... I use a 7D2 and my old 5D3 for birding if I can get a bit closer. Despite its relatively slow fps rate the 5D3's good AF system provides more in-focus shots than the 7D2 when it gets to action (BIF). So I tend to upgrade to a 5D4 when my 5D3 dies (has already 150.000 shutter actuations, but still works).


Grab your camera, go out and shoot!
Feb 12, 2014
Frankfurt, Germany
I like the 7DII for bird photography but I prefer the 5DIV or better still for me the 5DSR. Both, in my experience, have more reliable AF than the 7DII and I find the FF field of view better for tracking or locating birds though others think that the larger image in the 7DII finder and AF is advantageous.
Same experience with my 7D2 in comparison with my old 5D3 which provides a much more reliable AF when I shoot fast flying birds.


May 4, 2011
I'd like to 3rd the experience with the 7D vs. the 5D AF. I found the latter to be notably more consistent especially in sport settings.

I wanted to like the 7D (and its successor the 7D2), but ultimately it left me wanting, so I used it less and less until I eventually parted ways with it.
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