Reports of the Canon EOS-1D X Mark III going to sleep/locking up briefly


Feb 6, 2020
I have captured several thousand images with my 1DX III (arrived February 19th) and I have experienced no unusual operation or glitches. It has primarily been used for sports events set to manual exposure (typically auto ISO) with high speed drive and servo AF both single point and expansion depending upon situation. I don't use my DSLR bodies in live view or video mode so no idea if any glitches show up there. I don't use the built in GPS. I am using both the 64 GB card packaged with it and a 256 GB Sony card. Most images captured with EF 400 F2.8, EF 300 F2.8, and EF 200 F2 but it has also had 70-200 F2.8 on it along with a brief test with the Sigma 50 F1.4.

So far I am completely pleased with its operation and performance and my 1DX II will now do duty as a second body with the 1DX moving into a backup role. I am sure there will be some firmware updates out to address issues that appear in the field as people use the body under a variety of conditions and settings but mine has been dead reliable in capturing and transferring images via the gigabit ethernet port.


Del Paso

M3 Singlestroke
Aug 9, 2018
Correction it was a 200-800/F4 with x1.4 inbuilt teleconvertor Zoom lens. Submersible supersonic and motorised. Did I miss anything?
Yes, you missed the most important feature!
The AF is powered via the Corvette's V8 engine.