RF 100mm F2.8 L is macro now shipping??


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Jan 5, 2013
Pre-ordered my RF 100 macro lens from B&H on Jun 1, 2021. Rec'd notification from BH on Aug 15 that my lens was shipping with expedited shipping ETA of Wed Aug 18. Can we assume backlog of orders is finally catching up?? Do hope so. Four wks after this order, I pre-ordered the new RF 14-35 F4Lis zoom. When I get a shipping notice for this transaction, I'll then know that product availability is getting better. Good luck with your Canon orders, wherever you placed them. As an FYI, my CC was not charged until Aug 15 but it should be noted my CC was charged for tripod collar as well, even though it remains on backorder. Lesson learned. Order accessories separately.

UPDATE: Good news....Lens arrived today Aug 17, one day early.
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Mar 4, 2020
Yep, just arrived. IMO one of the real striking features is that it is almost weighless. My R5 is heavier then this lens


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Feb 25, 2015
I’ve been pretty happy with the EF + control ring adapter on my R5 and it’s difficult to justify buying the RF considering how well my current setup works. I do enjoy using my RF 100-500 over the EF 100-400 + adapter, though, so hopefully the RF 100 brings similar benefits.
I found the difference between the EF100-400II and RF100-500 a lot bigger than between the EF100L and RF100L. The changes are very similar: much better IS, less jerky AF and overall smoother operation.

With the RF100-500 my feeling was "Wow, this is very much worth the price difference", with the RF100L the feeling was more like "It's better, but certainly not worth the price difference." My gripe with the EF100L was that its IS made things worse, but Canon seems to have fixed that in a firmware update for the R5 a few weeks after I sold my EF100L.