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CR Pro
Apr 30, 2017
Could that be a cranial dome behind the eyes?
Nope! From what I see it's a moth from Sesiidae (or something that I have never seen - Zygaenidae are somewhat close too but I really think it's from Sesiidae). The "cranium":))) is between the eyes. Behind the eyes is the thorax and that long belly behind you can call abdomen.
Anyway - congratulations with your new lens!!! Be aware - macro-photography could be very contagious/persistent thing: I know this by myself (only after getting a birding lens I quit using the macro) and by my daughter - now she is using my back-up camera with the macro lens and can't stop taking photos in any free time (weekends).
Nice photos and I'm sure you will get much better once you get customized to to your combo!