The Laowa 100mm f/2.8 2X Ultra Macro for the Canon RF mount is now available

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Jul 20, 2010
Anhui China, Apr 20, 2020 – Venus Optics, the camera lenses manufacturer specializes in making unique camera lenses, is proud to announce that the Laowa 100mm f/2.8 2X Ultra Macro APO Lens was awarded the ‘Best DSLR Macro Lens’ TIPA World Awards 2020 by Technical Image Press Association. Venus Optics is the first Chinese lens manufacturer getting this prestigious award in TIPA history. This is also the second international award received by this macro lens. (Previously been awarded Lucie Technical Award ‘Best Special Purpose Lens” by Lucie Foundation)
Laowa 100mm f/2.8 2X Ultra Macro APO for Canon RF at Adorama

Venus Optics is also pleased to announce the new Canon RF and Nikon Z mounts are now ready to ship.
Canon RF Mount
Launched in June 2019, the Laowa 100mm...

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Jul 16, 2017
Hamburg, Germany
If that was the case, how would it have infinity focus?
You can just look at the pictures of the DSLR version of this lens and compare it to this mirrorless version. It obviously is the same lens but with a longer mount.

The distance between the rear glass and the sensor is the same in both versions. But because the mount on a mirrorless body sticks out less than on a DSLR (different flange distance), the lens has to made longer.


Mar 29, 2020
If that was the case, how would it have infinity focus?

if necessary, some internal adjustment screw turned a bit or a slightly rearranged rear lens ... or some other absolutely minor modification. But I don#t think it is a new optic formula, native for Canon EOS RF mount.
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Oct 29, 2015
Another interesting design from the most clever House of Laowa.

Unfortunately, give the current world situation, I can't in good conscience consider buying another Chinese-made poroduct .

Every individual is different, so is every company. Being based in China doesn't make a company automatically untrustworthy, or punishable for a greater evil that they're not necessarily committing. Maybe they're, I'm just saying we shouldn't shit on Laowa unless we're certain they deserve it.


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Dec 26, 2015
Turku, Finland
hmmm. Looks like it was originally designed for a long focal flange distance (DSLR) system - now simply retrofitted with a fixed "extension tube" to work on RF mount / short FFD.

Well, that's exactly what it is. The DSLR version (for EF and F mounts) was released already in 2019 and is commercially available.


Sep 5, 2018
Ah now I don't know whether to get this for my Z6 or wait for the R5. (I am keeping the Z6 for the Nikon 20, 50, 85, and maybe a 135... close range stuff that is less of my focus)


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Mar 28, 2012
I have to hand it to Laowa making, what I think, are good looking lenses. Interested in their ultra wide angle lens.

I have their 15mm f/4 macro on the way to me now from B&H, should be here by Thursday.

I have the canon 100mmL macro, but this appears to be about the only wide angle macro I've seen out there and thought I could get some unique angles with it.

I"ve heard Laowa builds some decent quality lenses especially for bang for the buck price.

I'll try to let ya'll know what I think of the one I get soon.

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Feb 7, 2011
I 100% concur. It is time to uncouple the world economy from China so long as it is controlled by the CCP. This includes every product, every company.
In a capitalistic democracy, every time we spend our money we cast a vote.. Let's use ours to be a force for good.
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Apr 21, 2020

I cant think of any other reason than race...?

People from the US cant play the holier than thou card during this whole thing. China are bad and have done bad things, so have the US. So has much of Europe throughout the years too. No country is perfect.

Laowa hasnt done wrong by anyone and punishing them purely based on being in a country you dont like is hardly fair.


Sep 5, 2018
I guess I am the only person to look at this lens and think about what pictures I would like to take with it.... world politics seems quite off for a photography forum.
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Jan 28, 2015
Irving, Texas
Another interesting design from the most clever House of Laowa.

Unfortunately, give the current world situation, I can't in good conscience consider buying another Chinese-made poroduct .
Almost everything you buy will have something from China in it. I think it would be a mistake to equate a country's government with it's people. I mean, heck, if communism is now wrong, wasn't it wrong before all this started? The vast majority of people born there, living there, working there have no choice. Neither do most of the rest of us living anywhere else. The expense and hardship of leaving one's home country and setting up in another is a huge hurdle to overcome. For the poor, it is near impossible to do legally.


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Aug 30, 2014
I have this lens for the EF mount, and love it. It has pretty much completely replaced the MP-E for me, and also my 100L.

If Canon produced a 100L with 2x (better yet 2.5x) it would be incredible. I rarely find a need to go much beyond 2x in the field, but 1x is not enough magnification for most subjects. Having something in a fixed length that can go from infinity to 2x is really a macro shooter’s dream.


Jan 16, 2015
When is canon going to allow other companies to make RF mount lenses with autofocus? With all this downtime, now is a great time for brands to be brainstorming new brilliant ideas. But also what's the point of a shorter focal flange distance, if lenses are just going to be made to be longer to account for it? Side by side with my canon XSi, the R is basically the same size(yes the 2008 model doesn't include video, but even for a mirrorless the R isn't so small... smaller size these days is very minimal but a 12 yr difference is rather long).

I really want a RF 135 macro, but 100 would suffice if it had autofocus too. Especially if it could be in the $500-1100 price range.
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