This is how you downgrade the firmware on a Canon camera

Dec 13, 2010
I still haven’t seen any comparisons, with two cameras side-by-side with each firmware, to prove that there is an issue at all.
Is there such a test anywhere?
This is a case of; if you know you know. I have one camera so I can’t do it, but it’s very obvious when you’re experiencing it. So if you’re not really sure if it’s better or worse you do not have issues.
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EOS R6 Mark II
Feb 1, 2015
Let me insert here three quotes from one of the forum members of our Polish forum of Canon equipment users.

Hi. You already have maybe 1.5 on your R5s.

After these few weeks, I have to say that I don't like what they did with AF in terms of object recognition. While the "targeted" AF, i.e. with the detection of eyes, animals or sports cars is great, in my opinion the tracking of non-specific objects has deteriorated significantly. My R5 has a tendency to lose objects nowadays, especially the smaller ones. It annoys me a bit, because now it works similarly to what was in the A7R4.

Then someone asked him, what he meant by the word "objects". He replied to someone like this:

In my case the objects are planes and trains. I don't photograph people or animals, so this part of AF doesn't interest me. My theory is that, while improving AF for specific subjects (people, animals, cars) they lost the ability to track "other" subjects properly. Maybe not enough AI memory, maybe not enough training for the new algorithm...

In the end he decided to revert to firmware 1.4.0:

Today I dared to revert fw to 1.4.0. In the case of tracking general objects (not people, animals) the difference in favor of 1.4.0 is gigantic. It's not about the AF operation itself, but the ability to recognize and maintain the AF point on the subject...


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