Feb 5, 2020
Beautiful pictures. Well done, FG.

Thanks. It's my first time in the field with a 10 stop ND filter. I took a couple other waterfall shots and a cascading river. These two are my favorites. With COVID, I've converted to a home office. These are going on the wall.

Originally we had a trip planned to the Canadian Rockies and I got the filter for that. Unfortunately, border closed so that was cancelled. We made due. First world problems.

For me - I find all the little stuff to remember in setting up a bit of a challenge. For one, I forgot my remote trigger on a couple hikes - but fortunately didn't need longer than 30 seconds. I found turning off lens stabilization is needed for cleaner shots from the tripod. Some dispute that this is needed anymore. I just went by what I saw. Took my shot in AP mode at base ISO. Noted the time the camera gave. Switched to M (used a 2 second delay when I forgot my trigger) or Bulb as needed. I downloaded an app for an ND calculator, keeping other settings the same. Shot RAW to account for any color cast in post.

Don't know how they measure up to the pros - but there's pride in ownership here. These are downsized a lot from the originals.


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Dec 19, 2019
I’ve been playing with ND filters over the last two months, and have had the opportunity to visit a couple falls local to me here in Washington state. My R does pretty well I think.


Snoqualmie Falls


Twin Falls - upper falls


Twin Falls - lower falls


Downstream from falls, South Fork Snoqualmie River