Went back to using a 5D MkIV after 6 months of the EOS R... It feels antiquated


CR Pro
Jan 5, 2013
My EOS R gets virtually all of my use, I used it yesterday for a few dozen shots. I have big hands, and constantly have issues with the camera focusing on the wrong place. Its due to the fact that my thumb touches the top right corner of the screen easily, so the camera focus spot is wrong. I really wish that it required a double tap to move the af spot. I use the touch screen almost exclusively, so I don't want to turn it off.

I find my 5D MK IV to be much superior, but the R is convenient to have sitting on my desk because I can charge it once a week over usb C and it takes up less space. However, for a fast shot, I could get garbage if I don't stop and make sure the AF point is centered or wherever I want it. I usually press the delete button (Trash can symbol) to center it so at least I have the right starting place.

I might experiment with taping something raised to the top right corner of the lcd to keep my thumb off of it.
Point well made. I have the same problem on my M50. A double tap system to change the focus point on screen makes a lot of sense and would thus eliminate accidental touch focus point issues.
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