Would anyone like to share their exprience with the G1X MKII


Aug 31, 2011
I am looking at this camera as my all around travel camera -- which could be used in hiking conditions as well. Competition is from EOS-M system. My DSLRs with even two lenses are seeming to be too heavy. So if anyone could share their experience of using G1X MKII it would be great.


CR Pro
May 29, 2014

Great camera have a look at this post. i bought it in May when only the RX100II was out - do no regret it all as the Sony are too small for me to handle.


I take a camera to more places now as it is more discrete and the equivalent 24mm to 120mm is better than the competition. i have made my own sling shoulder strap with a rock climbing body sling and swivels and connector from the hardware store all for around $11 - beats all the others such as Black Rapid etc for cost and size.

Pluses: Solid feel, large 1.5" sensor, impressive high ISO, flash hot shoe - Canon in-camera flash control, unique dual lens ring control, good Canon colour reporduction; can do good adjustment with JPG - My Colour (contrast, saturation, blue, green, sharpness); basic wifi remote; GPS via wifi from smart phone; 1/4000 shutter; good lens performance; great f stop range - large aperture; 5cm macro; etc

Minuses: powershot software not EOS; cannot manipulate JPG and capture RAW at same time; obviously sensor is not as good as FF; cannot handle high contrast as an DSLR can; no built in GPS

I have recently purchased the filter adapter and a good quality circular polariser and that certainly adds to creating better pictures for landscape. I am also in the process of purchasing a good e-ttl flash to experiment with flash portraits on it.

Suggest you also download the manual and have a good read to help with your research.

Hope this helps.
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