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Further talk about the fate of the EOS M system

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There has been some chatter about the future of the EOS M system once again after a report surfaced last week that the system would be shuttered as soon as 2021.

This isn’t a new phenomenon, the death of the EOS M system has been talked about since the launch of the EOS R system back in 2018. While Canon has continued to release new EOS M camera bodies, the lens lineup is still limping along with no apparent direction or excitement.

So is the death of the EOS M greatly exaggerated?

Not according to two people I spoke with this week. One of them is privy to the roadmap going forward and I am told that there is nothing in regards to the EOS M in the 2021 roadmap. The source called this “unusual”, but cautioned that the current global challenges may be the reason and that a roadmap could be updated later in Q4.

Another source claims that the system is going to go away, but not in 2021. Canon is still working on the transition plan away from the EOS M system.

Neither source wanted to talk about an APS-C RF mount camera at this time.