A patent for a software IS solution
Is it possible to add the hybrid image stabilization technology found in the new 100L macro to all Canon macros, as well as other Canon IS lenses?

Apparently it could be with some software solutions built into firmware.

Patent Publication No. 2011-139169

  • 2011.7.14 Release Date
  • 2009.12.25 filing date

In-lens image stabilization mechanism

  • Angular rate sensor detects camera shake
  • Compensate by moving the shift lens

The angular rate sensor

  • To detect the rotational swing
  • Fluctuations that occur in parallel can not detect macro
  • Other techniques for image stabilization
  • Using the imaging device to detect the motion vector
  • Must be provided separately dedicated imaging device

Synthesis to reduce the blurring by shooting

  • Long processing time
  • Not correspond to the movement

Canon patent

  • To calculate the amount of image blur from the calculation of the Live View
  • Corrected by moving the shift lens

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