I've always wanted to do some kind of swag over the years, but I never actually put it in motion. For 2020, I have decided that I will be releasing new clothing items with unique designs quarterly. I have a bunch of ideas that are unique from one another.

The first shirt is ‘The [CR0]'. This will be a one-time run, making it a limited edition. Once I have more items available, I will have a storefront, but this shirt will never appear there.

This is just another way for readers and our community to support this site.

The shirts and hoodie feature the oft-requested Canon RF 10-1000mm f/1.0L IS USM 1.4x – 2.0x. Canon decided that the EF version was a no go and switched development over to the RF mount.

Check out The [CR0] at our Bonfire Store

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