I've always wanted to do some kind of swag over the years, but I never actually put it in motion. For 2020, I have decided that I will be releasing new clothing items with unique designs quarterly. I have a bunch of ideas that are unique from one another.

The first shirt is ‘The [CR0]'. This will be a one-time run, making it a limited edition. Once I have more items available, I will have a storefront, but this shirt will never appear there.

This is just another way for readers and our community to support this site.

The shirts and hoodie feature the oft-requested Canon RF 10-1000mm f/1.0L IS USM 1.4x – 2.0x. Canon decided that the EF version was a no go and switched development over to the RF mount.

Check out The [CR0] at our Bonfire Store

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  1. Take my money. T-shirt me.

    [beep boop beep] Done.

    Top tip if you are picky about how clothing fits (like I tend to be these days): check the t-shirt collar tags of any t-shirts you bought in the last five years. There's an odd chance you might have one of these Next Level branded ones -- turns out I had quite a few.

    - A
  2. Design suggestions:

    - A vague image of a unicorn emerging from smoke
    - An ibis in crosshairs
    - Image of AHSanford holding a new 50mm f/1.4 with a big red line through it
    These are awesome ideas!

    I'll add one more...

    on the front - Canon is *******!!!
    on the back - Either a pairing of the R5/RF85mm f1.2L IS & R6/RF70-200mm f2.8L IS or just the 1DX Mk III w/EF 400mm f2.8L Mk III.

    Of course my idea might need some kind of licensing arrangement w/CANON.
  3. Not so sure I need the shirt. But I want that lens!
    But I better upgrade to heavy duty pickup truck to 'carry' it around ...

    Nah, because it will fit in your pocket.

    And cost $799.

    Or Canon is *******.

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