Canon EOS Rumors

Is the new Canon full frame mirrorless called the EOS R?

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Since yesterday’s post, we’ve been getting a lot of information from unknown sources. I’m going to just post them all here without a rumor rating and you can do what you’d like with this information.

Canon EOS R Information:

  • Name: Canon EOS R
  • RF Mount (New mount, possible EF compatibility?)
  • No reports of new “RF” lenses being announced alongside the body.
  • Similar ergonomics to the EOS M50
  • Slightly larger body than the EOS M50
  • Will compete with the Sony A7 III & Nikon Z6
  • 24mp or 28mp (Two different reports)
  • Announcement September 5, 2018

As I mentioned, I won’t be rating any of this information going forward. We only have one more week to wait to wait for the reveal.