The KOBRA was made to give photographers an effective flash modifier solution that is lightweight, flexible and with an attractive design.

As a professional photographer, I have used all the “on camera flash” modifiers that are available and have been unsatisfied with the results. I decided to stop complaining and make my own.

The “KOBRA Flash Modifier” is molded from a high-grade, flexible, light diffusing clear silicone that is not affected by high or low temperatures. This allows the “KOBRA Flash Modifier” to bounce back to its originally molded shape after folded from storing in your camera bag. The “KOBRA Flash Modifier” gets its backbone from the patent pending built-in reflector. The reflector bounces the light forward through the clear silicone, acting as a second layer of diffusion, giving the photographer the ability to “paint with the light, not spray.”

The “KOBRA Flash Modifier” utilizes a molded, patent pending, state-of-the-art attachment system to secure itself to the “KOBRA Band.”

The “KOBRA Band,” is molded from a high-grade, flexible, black silicone that is not affected by high or low temperatures. The “KOBRA Band” fits most flash heads. It's simple and self-contained with no need for hook and loop or magnet attachments.

The “KOBRA Band” not only holds the “KOBRA Flash Modifier” but also multitasks by securing our “KOBRA Color Gel System.”

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