I travel a lot and I've always been annoyed by the travel adaptors out there. The MICRO looks to be an amazing little product for photographers and everyone else.

From Kickstarter:

Micro, the World’s Smallest Universal Travel Adapter with Surge Protection, Now Available on Kickstarter

Compatible in over 150 countries, space-saving adaptor is a game-changer for international travellers taking leisure, business trips around the world

“For the traveler who takes any trip overseas to nearly any country, Micro ensures they can easily connect to a power source and keep all their smartphones, laptops, tablets and other electronic gear charged while they’re at their destination,” said Micro Co-founder Sam Olawale. “Not only is Micro a one-adapter-fits-all travel buddy, it also means the days of carrying bulky, hard-to-pack travel adapters are gone. In that respect, Micro is truly a game-changer for international travellers.”

Small, sleek and compact, Micro represents the next stage in the evolution of travel adapters – providing a space-saving design that’s extremely travel-friendly. In addition, Micro includes a built-in fuse for protection against electrical surges in even the most remote locations on Earth.

Compared to other adapters on the market today, Micro offers several innovative features specifically designed with the traveler in mind, including:

  • A versatile modular design and functionality (patent pending)
  • A less expensive price compared to other universal adapters on the market
  • Compatibility in more than 150 countries on all seven continents
  • A lightweight design of only 40 grams, 2.5 times smaller than the traditional adapter, making it easy to pack and carry
  • Environmentally-friendly silicone used in the design
  • An integrated, modular third pin that makes Micro compatible with English and English lookalike sockets
  • An adjustable built-in casing to cover the third of any three-prong plug for ultimate safety and ease-of-use
  • A built-in fuse to protect devices from electrical surges

“No matter what country you’re traveling to or where you’re heading next, with Micro you’ll be assured you can plug and keep all your gadgets charged…whether they’re needed for work or play,” Olawale said. “All you have to do is insert your respective plug into Micro, release the socket required on the electric socket of the country you’re in and that’s it. With Micro, you’re ready to plug in your devices and connect to the world…wherever you are.”

For more information and to purchase Micro at reduced early-bird prices only available during crowdfunding, visit the Micro Campaign Page on Kickstarter.

Learn more about MICRO at Kickstarter

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