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Kickstarter: Peak Design Launches a Complete Mobile Accessory Ecosystem

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An innovative connection system unites beautifully designed cases, mounts, and accessories

San Francisco, CA (October 2020) –Peak Design, the worldwide leader in crowdfunding and everyday carry solutions, has launched a revolutionary ecosystem of mobile cases, mounts, and accessories. Built around a proprietary low-profile connection system, Mobile by Peak Design aims to make your phone a better tool for everything you use it for, from navigation to communication, creativity to recreation.

Prior to the release of Mobile by Peak Design, clunky, bulky, unattractive mobile accessories hindered users’ attempts to obtain a seamless, compact mobile carry experience. Peak Design addressed this with a groundbreaking piece of mounting technology named SlimLink. With a stack height of just 2.4mm, SlimLink minimizes bulk on your phone and mounting devices and facilitates both soft-locking (magnetic) and ultra-secure, hard-locking (mechanical) mounting functionality. To achieve the SlimLink architecture, a zirconia

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ceramic insert is surrounded by an array of magnets and then embedded into each Peak Design Everyday Case. “Phones are the most powerful tools in the world, and our goal was to create the most powerful accessories for them” commented Peak Design Founder and CEO Peter Dering. “We’ve been developing the SlimLink architecture for 4 years, and we didn’t stop until our cases and mounts looked better, felt better, and worked better than anything else out there.”

The consumer starting point for Peak Design’s mobile accessory ecosystem is the Everyday Case, a durable polycarbonate phone case wrapped in Peak Design’s custom high-performance nylon canvas fabric. The case—available for iPhone (including iPhone 12) and Samsung devices—supports wireless charging and strikes an ideal balance between ruggedness, protection, and refined aesthetics. A slim, adhesive-backed Universal Adapter is also available that works with nearly any phone or hard, non-textured case. Peak Design intends to support additional phone models in the months and years to come.

To complete the ecosystem, Peak Design has launched a wide array of instantly-swappable accessories, including mounts for cars, bicycles, motorcycles, home/office, a mobile wallet, and accessories for photographers and filmmakers. Each accessory was developed by a team of engineers over the course of 2 years and designed to outperform leading competitors in ease-of-use, form factor, ruggedness, and aesthetics. All accessories are built from premium materials, individually serialized, and guaranteed for life. The range of products illustrates the versatility and security of the SlimLink mounting technology, which supports activities from Facetiming to downhill mountain biking.

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