I have used the Kolari Vision IR Chrome filter for years now and I love the striking out-of-camera look the filter gives you, and now there's a new one that I can't wait to get for my own IR cameras.

Kolari has announced a new Chrome filter and this one they call Candy Chrome. As with the IR chrome filter, you need a full or dual-spectrum converted camera body to use this filter.

From their website;

After more than a year of development, we are happy to announce our Candy Chrome filter, the newest infrared lens filter that comes as the third item for our Summer of Innovation!

The Candy Chrome filter can create lush pink foliage with beautiful turquoise skies & waters after a red and blue channel swap. With further post-production techniques, a variety of deep red or gold tones can be achieved. The images below use LUTs designed by Pierre-Louis Ferrer!

We apply premium anti-reflective and anti-smudge hard coatings to our premium glass to increase light transmission while reducing flares and ghosting. Hydrophobic, dust resistant, and scratch-resistant, these multi-coatings make cleaning and upkeep an effortless task.

Preorder the Kolari Vision Candy Chrome Filter here.

Below is a sample image by Pierre-Louis Ferrer.

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